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Maxeon's power meets

Solbian's crafting expertise


Introducing the SunBender Solar Kit
with Maxeon Gen III Solar Cells

Experience the future of energy with our state-of-the-art photovoltaic kit, meticulously crafted to meet all your power needs. The SunBender Solar Kit includes a Solbian solar panel made with exclusive Maxeon Gen III solar cells*, an MPPT Genasun charge controller, and all the necessary cables for a seamless installation.



The SunBender Solar Kit embodies Solbian's innovation in flexible solar panel design and Maxeon's pioneering solar cell technology. This innovative synergy provides users with an advanced and highly efficient solution for harnessing solar energy.

Ease of use

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SunBender includes all essential cables and connectors, making the installation process straightforward and hassle-free. Even individuals new to solar technology will find it easy to set up and use.

The elements of the kit 


SunBender solar panels

Three different panels types make up the SunBender kit: starting with the smallest 52 Wp model, moving up to the medium 108 Wp model to the most powerful 164 Wp model. Each of them is made with exclusive Maxeon Gen III solar cells, engineered to capture every ray of sunlight, ensuring optimal power output even in challenging conditions. 

Say goodbye to energy constraints and embrace a sustainable future. 


Genasun MPPT Charge Controller

The kit includes an advanced Genasun charge controller equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to reach a conversion efficiency greater than 99%. Not all MPPTs are the same, Genasun technology tracks the MPP 15 times per second to capture each single Watt from the panel. These controllers are also pre-programmed for the type of battery (Pb or Li) the kit is intended for and are ready for use without the need for programming or settings to be configured.



Installing our photovoltaic kit is a breeze, thanks to the included cables and user-friendly instructions. Designed for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals, the installation process is streamlined to minimize complexity and maximize efficiency. Whether you’re retrofitting your existing system or embarking on a new energy project, our kit provides a hassle-free solution.

*The marks are licensed from Maxeon Solar Pte. Ltd.; Customer is the manufacturer of any Branded Product or finished product utilizing the Cells; the Cells and Marks are subject to Maxeon patent and trademark rights



(1) Values at STC = Standard Test Conditions: (a) light Spectrum for an Air Mass of 1.5; (b) irradiance of 1000 W/m2
with perpendicular
incidence and (c) cell temperature of 25 °C. Measurements carried out according to the Standard IEC 61215 requirements.
(2) See “Solbian Warranty Policy” for additional information


TABELLA REGOLATORI 1(3) Genasun Overdrive - adaptive power-limiting technology, allowing the GV-10 to be installed with solar
panels/arrays up to 200 W.

install scheme




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